The Ultimate Startup Guide to Inbound Sales

Steli Efti,
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A 187-page PDF for startup founders and sales pros who want to close more deals using inbound sales. This book is filled with specific and detailed advice, rather than general fluffy ideas and concepts, including:

* How to attract more of the right prospects using inbound marketing

* How to increase your lead activation rates

* Simple tips to use drip emails effectively to convert more trial users into paying customer

* Advice on giving product demos that sell

* Tactics to manage the most common inbound sales objections successfully

* Strategies to get customers to switch from monthly to annual contracts

* Clever sales strategies that reduce churn and increase retention

* ... and a lot more!

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Do you read the blog?

If you're a long-time reader of our Hack & Hustle blog, and a subscriber of our (free) startup sales course, there's nothing new in this book. This is simply a curated collection of posts, structured in a way that will make it easy for you to set up and optimize a sales process for your startup.

You can head over to and read everything that's in this book (and more). So why would you want to buy the book? Because it'll save you hours of time trying to put the pieces together in the right sequence.

Is your time worth more than $19 an hour? Then buying the book is probably a sensible investment for you ;)

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The Ultimate Startup Guide to Inbound Sales

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